Table Pyramid Nativity El. Betrieben Seiffen Pyramid Erzgebirge New

Spare parts and accessories. Table pyramid of the birth of Christ, 6 levels, natural, electric, height = 165cm NEW. Birth of Christ electric. About the company Richard Gläßer. In 2012 the company can look back on 80 years of company history. What enormous changes took place during this period for everyone or worldwide. In contrast, the turned and painted figurines, music boxes and Christmas pyramids from Glässer remain untouched. They also increase in value. The fascination that comes from her little pieces of jewelry has remained unchanged over the decades and is confirmed to us every day in our customer contact. Maintaining the traditional craftsmanship in design and processing, meeting the highest quality requirements and loving handwork are a constant obligation for us. Your participation in a sustainable timber industry and continuous training of young talent is important for shaping our future. Please continue to choose exclusive glasses and our product seal with the angel. You can find other various Erzgebirge items in our shop. New and in original packaging. Opening hours: Mon – Fri from 8 a. Design by stevens design. Please do not pay until you have pur.
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