Pre-Lit Artificial Hinged Christmas Tree with APP Controlled LED Lights

Pre-Lit Artificial Hinged Christmas Tree with APP Controlled LED Lights. Stylish Christmas Decoration Tree: This is the 6/7/8 feet tall artificial Christmas tree that trimmed with colorful LED lights. You can image how cool the tree would be when all lights are shining in the darkness. It’s suitable for both residential and commercial places to create different party atmospheres. Premium PE and PVC Branch Tips: This artificial tree feature two types of branch tips–954/1194/1434 PE tips and 786/1130/1522 PVC tips. Such ultra-realistic and leafy branch tips are made of 100% new materials, making the tree look full-bodied and lush. You can put this odorless, non-toxic and flame-retardant artificial tree anywhere you like. LED Lights in Multiple Layers: This tree is equipped with 420/540/670 pre-strung LED lights that are divided into 8 layers. The lights of each layer work independently and won’t be affected by the lights of other layers. Therefore, if one layer was broken down, the others can keep working incessantly for you. APP Controlled LED Lights: You can scan the QR code printed on adaptor to download the control APP. This powerful app supports you to customized the lighting modes through adjusting light brightness, light brightness, light color and glittering speed. Or you can enjoy 15 preset lighting modes directly according to your preferences. Sturdy Hinged Construction: This stylish LED Christmas tree can be put together in minutes. The hinged branches allow you to expand and fluff the tree quickly. And robust metal frame provides strong support to the tree. So this tree will stand firmly in a nice shape during festival seasons. An eye-catching 6ft/7ft/8ft tall Christmas tree for residential and commercial decoration -Leafy and full-bodied Xmas tree consists of 1740/2324/2956 PE and PVC branch tips -100% new PE and PVC tips are odorless, nonflammable and non-toxic -420/540/670 color changing LED lights are able to create different atmospheres -App controlled lights support you to customize your wanted lighting modes -Hinged branches and separated sections simplify assembly processes -LED lights of each layer work independently and won’t be affected by other lights. New PVC and PE, metal. 6ft x 3.8ft/7ft x 4.4ft/8ft x 5ft. 19lbs/ 27.5lbs/34.5lbs. Number of PVC tips. Number of PE tips. Product Dimensions: 7.0 ft x 6.0 ft x 3.8 ft. Weight: 19.0 lb. Welcome to our eCommerce shop. We’re dedicated to providing you with high-quality products at unbeatable prices. We’re proud to serve you and bring a smile to your face with our top-notch service and products. We are always working hard to ensure your package arrives as soon as possible. In most cases, your package will arrive before due time as it is a high priority for us. If there are any unexpected delays, please let us know and we will take care of it immediately. We are committed to your happiness.
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