Member's Mark 52 463 LED Pre-Lit Stacked Giftbox Décor

Make the holiday season a little brighter with Member’s MarkT 52 Pre-Lit Metal Stacked Gift Box Décor. Available exclusively at Sam’s Club, this set of stacked gift boxes, with shatterproof ornaments hanging from it is a beautiful accent for inside your home. The set includes four stacked metal gift boxes outlined in 463 warm white LED lights and 14 color-complementary shatterproof ornaments to hang inside the boxes. Atop the stack of gift boxes is a coordinating glittery bow. This stacked gift box comes with a 5-foot lead wire to make placement easy. Member’s Mark 52 Pre-Lit Stacked Gift Box Décor is available in two seasonal colors, Metallic and Multicolor, to meet your decorating needs. With the long life of these LED bulbs, this Metal Stacked Gift Box decor will continue to shine bright throughout many holiday seasons. The LED bulbs have a long bulb life which is 25,000 hours on average and environmentally friendly as it equals to fewer resources used over time. An additional sustainability feature is that the packaging for the color-changing tree décor is recyclable. Add the Member’s Mark 52 Pre-Lit Metal Stacked Gift Box to your Christmas décor and let the magic of the season take over. Add to Favorite Sellers. Member’s Mark 52 463 LED Pre-Lit Stacked Giftbox Décor.
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