PRE-ORDER 7.3 Battery Operated Multicolor LED Lighted Musical Santa & Sleigh

All Pre-Orders are non refundable. What sets us apart from any other retailer is that we open and inspect every figure in order to secure it arrives to us and you in pristine condition. We are a small business and only order figures based on pre-order demand and specific quantities ordered specifically by you. We do our best to NOT keep extra stock on hand. We are not profitable unless we sell our stock. Understand that when you are ordering a figure we as a business must order multiple units. And until we don’t sell all units we are not profitable. Take this into consideration when ordering and choosing to cancel and order. We do not accept any cancellations after 48 hours of being ordered. Once you commit to purchasing a figure/decorative piece you’re making a financial commitment. We have NEVER forgotten or lost any orders.
June 14, 2024 at 3:48 am by admin
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