Katherine's Collection 2020 Midnight Vulture Figurine

The Katherine’s Collection 2020 Midnight Vulture Figurine measures 23 inches tall. Handcrafted with amazing detail by skilled artists, this Halloween figurine would be the perfect decor displayed on the mantel, shelf, or coffee table. This realistic-looking vulture figurine serves as the estate pet. He perches on top of a skull waiting for intruders he can peck. A great collectible figurine to complete your Halloween decoration. PERFECTLY IMPERFECT: Every piece of this collection is handcrafted. As such is the nature of the items, details may vary from piece to piece. But that is what makes them charming and exceptional – no two are alike. This quality makes them truly special indeed. WONDERFUL KEEPSAKES: One of a kind pieces are a great foundation when starting your collection. You can add to them over time and go with a theme or mix and match them. They make really great conversation pieces at any social gatherings. CUTE COLLECTIBLES: The set has a variety of different adorable items that you’ll love to have. Choose from a variety of delightful ornaments, accessories, figurines, and decor. HALLOWEEN FUN: Make Halloween unforgettable this year with fun pieces to showcase. Add a variety of ornaments, figurines and floral display to your décor. Visitors will surely appreciate the spooky yet amusing collection of characters. Successfully established as a design leader in holiday décor, their innovative products are available in over 11,000 fine retail shops in the US and worldwide. From modest origins to an internationally requested brand today.
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